“This story was initially published as part of the The International People’s Platform for Climate Justice project”

In 2019, Indonesia faced forest and land fires, particularly in Sumatra and Borneo (Kalimantan). Until September, forest and land fires in Indonesia reached 857.756 ha, including 630.451 ha of mineral land and 227.304 ha peatland. This climate disaster is happening every year and causing a lot of impacts to women, society, and ecology. 
This video is a story about women in Central Borneo, a major coal-producing region in Indonesia, where REDD is implemented, with an active Peatland Wetting Program. The fires have multilayered impacts on grassroots women. It tells the story of a community in Central Kalimantan, particularly of women farmers. They are in the heart of the resistance, challenging face-to-face the culprit, a palm oil company, on the ground. They share experiences and their expectation to stop palm oil and other extractive industries in Central Borneo.
Produced by Dinda Nuur Annisaa Yura, Solidaritas Perempuan, and Not Without Us!

This video has audio in Bahasa Indonesia, with subtitles in English.