“This story was initially published as part of the The International People’s Platform for Climate Justice project”

This set of stories is documented by women in Vietnam, Bangladesh and the Philippines as part of their two-year journey of the Climate Justice Feminist Participatory Action Research (CJFPAR). The documentary videos bring you the stories of coastal living communities and Indigenous women in Vietnam and Bangladesh to urban poor women in Metro Manila. These stories highlight not only the challenges and structural climate injustices facing women on the ground but also the hope and actions of women to push for system change and real climate solutions!
Rising sea, Rising Strength
This video brings the story of marginalized Munda indigenous women of Bangladesh. Munda people living in the coastal areas of one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change are losing their livelihood due to rising sea level and salinity. But the women from local community are raising their voice for climate justice by increasing their participation in local decision making bodies and developing adaptation measures.

Video language: Bengali / Subtitles: English
Women, Work and Climate Justice 
This video tells the story of the impacts of climate change on urban poor women living in Metro Manila, in the Philippines, and their response, through building a local climate justice movement.

Video language: Tagalog / Subtitles: English
Women of the Lagoon: Confronting climate change in coastal Vietnam
Vietnamese women share the story of their struggle against climate change and how their participation in climate solutions is bringing change in their rural life.

Video language: Kinh / Subtitles: English