I initially wrote ‘rooted’ for an anti-logging campaign in the Oro province of Papua New Guinea in 2018. When I was writing it, I wanted it to reflect how there is a deep connection between people of the Pacific, our land, sea and the deep ties to our identity. Current issues such as COVID-19, climate change and indigenous sovereignty remind us of the need to cling to these values that have sustained us as Pacific people. This song is for all people with a yearning for home because we are rooted in our place, our cultures, our traditions and our people. Because no matter where we are, we are here to stay.

“Like the wind we still move, like the waves we rise high, like the sun we never die.

We will stay standing,

hear our calling.

We are rooted to the ground, we’re here to stay.

No staying quiet,

we stand united.

We are rooted to the ground, can’t tear us down.

We’re here to stay.”