“This story was initially published as part of the The International People’s Platform for Climate Justice project”

In 2018, muralist, painter, and illustrator Nasca One created an artwork depicting people from different regions around the world who are experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change. Together, they called for an end to fossil fuels and demanded the German government phase out coal as quickly as possible because their lives and livelihoods were affected.
The people chosen are all activists engaged in the fight for climate justice, and by portraying them, we highlight our collective power for making the changes we want to see. They are at the frontline of the fight as they and their communities are already feeling the drastic impacts of climate change every day.
The artwork was used in multiple protests and was presented along with a petition that was delivered to government officials in Berlin:

Left to right: Moses Sikaala, Sambia / Wanun Permpibu, Thailand / Nicolas Fabre, Brasil / Amanda Luna Takunan, Peru / Heiner Lütke, Germany / Anaïs Duong-Pedica, New Caledonia