“This story was initially published as part of the The International People’s Platform for Climate Justice project”

My name is Steeven Kezamutima, called Baba Miti as artist name. I have been part of the Afrika Vuka movement since 2019. Promoting climate justice has been my passion, but music for advocacy remained my talent and tool.

As a lay Franciscan of Justice and Peace, one of my core values is to care for creation. As a member of the Laudato Si movement, I have learned how dangerous is coal and all fossil fuels are to the environment and human life. I was alarmed by the coal mining in Lamu, Kenya, and the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). These fossil fuel projects pushed me to write the Afrika Vuka song. Our key message goes to all political leaders around the world who did not honor the Paris Agreement and kept burning Africa with coal and other fossil fuels. It also invites African leaders to divest and invest in renewable energy, and stop any new fossil fuel projects.
The power of a message in a song has no expiration date, it goes far within a short time, and nobody can stop it. Fighting for climate justice is so important to me because the climate crisis affects people’s lives, people’s rights, and people’s health. Therefore, it is all about us.